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A hilarious, interactive and utterly bizarre gamebook.


100% 5-star reviews on Amazon.


Likely to become a cult comedy, if only people would buy it.


Bing bong!


Welcome to the blurb! If you're looking for a synopsis, you've come to the right place. My name is Bongo, and I'm the official bard of Smorgasboard. That is, the black-and-white, interactive, adventure comedy contained within this text. It's my job to keep you entertained as you choose your route through the maze of this dark, alternate reality.


Don't just browse the cover, see you on the inside!

Yours, Bongo


"Probably the strangest book I've ever read!"



Smorgasboard is a semi-graphic adventure novella in which YOU, the reader, attempt to navigate your way through to its conclusion at Castle Smorg. Not all is as it seems, with a dangerous enemy plotting against you, native insurgents, and an array of cryptic hints hidden amongst humour. An information war wages across the board. Can you traverse the pages without coming to an untimely demise? Decipher the clues to escape or be subsumed into the narrative forever...



Review by Adam Mitchell - Gamebook and RPG reviews:

"This book reads like something you'd see on stage at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival…

"Green's book takes a unique approach to the 'traditional' concept of a gamebook and throws the rule book out of the window."


Review by James Spearing - My Gamebook Adventures:

“The book comes in a deceptively small, compact size. But don’t be fooled.

Hiding behind it's glossy white and black cover is a pretty meaty, and very unique gamebook!

“Without giving too much away, you become absorbed into the book itself, and need to work with the narrator to follow the clues left by the jester Bongo. There are many wonderfully surreal moments, including a hilarious dissection of the absurdity of vending machines, and lots of encounters with eccentric characters that may try to help, if you can read between the lines. Sometimes literally.

“The whole first part of the book is like one big puzzle, where anything you come across could be a clue. Solving this will likely give the reader a real rush. Visually, everything is simple and innovative at the same time…the gameplay manages to transcend the sense that you are just playing a book, but that you are involved in a surreal experience that directly involves the book you are holding in your hand.”


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